So I set up my lofty goals… I even made a calendar showing me all the open mics/jams in the Boulder area so I could look one up every night I wasn’t working.  It was harder than I expected.  To get out to open mics alone once a week?  Finding people to jam with.  I couldn’t record because I was missing a mic stand.  I had to have dinner with so and so, or finish this or that, or I had a long day at work and couldn’t go out.

Every event I attended was a reminder of how far there was to go… how would I get a gig without press quotes?  How do you get press quotes without a gig?  How do I market myself?  Is it appropriate to just invite my friends?  Should I advertise more?  I need a website.  I need a real CD.  I need a band.  Hell, I need to sound better.  My confidence was collapsing.

In the end, though I did not complete my weekly goals necessarily, what I did do was keep making whatever progress I could since it was the only thing I had to work on (goodbye grad school apps!).  Since I had written down my goals music was always on my mind.  While this was intimidating at times it did get me to play out more often.  Things I have achieved in the 1.5 months since setting these goals:

1) Performed a 2 hour gig at a coffee house
2) Wrote a new song… started others
3) Connected with/jammed/busked with a touring musician I met at an open mic
4) Contacted a full band to record 3 professional tracks
5) Got a legitimate website up and running
6) Played at 5ish open mic nights
7) Made real money ($15) selling my demo album.

Alright, so it’s not quite what I had in mind.  But these baby steps are the necessary building blocks for the next step… performing consistently enough to start setting up real shows and build a fanbase outside of my friends.


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