Written in September of 2006, shortly after I completed a 30-day mountaineering course with the National Outdoor Leadership School.  It was hard to leave the guitar behind for 30 days, and the expedition remains one of three trips I’ve ever taken without my music, but in the end the course was still able to inspire some words.

You are wandering blind
And I am wondering why

CHORUS: Why don’t you open your eyes?
Silence the cries of your televised lies
Soak up the skies
‘Cause your disguise, can not hide you
if it’s blind

Have you ever seen the sun?
‘Cause the picture’s imitation fails
They tell you run, run, run, run, run
But you are already chewing on your own tails


Behold a concrete city of steel
The sky is burned by the firelight
And heaven’s ashes will be all too real
When a falling star marks a burning night

Don’t condemn us to fail


copywrite Lauren Foster