Come Along


Written in May 2010

Weeks, gone like days, time fades
We go our separate ways
The plans we had made, no time for play now
They’re saved for freer days

CHORUS: So go, you know, I’ll be there when you call
Even if it’s been too long
The road, we go to find our homes, and you cannot come along with me
We each must go alone…
But if I could, I’d ask you if you would
Come along

Right here, everything fits, but you must leave this
‘Cause girl you’ll change the world
You know, I want you to go, not for my own sake
But ‘cause you’ll thrive out on your own


There will always be time left for one more goodbye
And believe me I’ll use it so don’t cry now
And go on believing we’ll be here again
When we’re too overwhelmed by the worlds we’ll be in
And for just a few days, I’ll run away
And I’ll ask you if you would
Come along

The time we walked in a similar line is coming to a close now
And forks divide the road
It’s true, that others will fill my shoes, and I won’t know so much of you
As I’ve come to know now
But some things, last within and without, unique and without doubt
You’ll be in my mind
You’ll be in my life


copywrite Lauren Foster