Dance with Me


Written in May 2008

I must be going crazy, to feel this way… as if the other day had been a lifetime
Put on my dress, I must confess, I was hoping to run into you
Then you would take me dancing
On the rooftop in an empty warehouse lot
Hours would pass before we noticed we forgot….
To keep our clothes on

CHORUS: And I will go on, dance with me, dance with me
Go, go, go on
Smiling freely, my friends we were meant to be
Dancing, now let’s dance on

And strangers I’ve found, try not to be aware.  On the bus they’ll stare at anything but me
I’ll fight that now, I won’t look down, ‘cause I find you much more interesting
But this time he looked back at me
A smile flashed between us in the crowd
But then his stop arrived and he got off without a sound
I’ve never felt so free


And I’ve got no time for these silly rules
I will play the game my way
Let us not be frightened fools
Or we will give ourselves away
So take my hand and be my lover
Take my heart I’ll be your friend
We’ll make mistakes, but we’ll forgive one another
As we laugh and sing and play and love and dance!


copywrite Lauren Foster