Empty Room



Written in February 2012

And the sun comes up in the daytime
Like to think I’m awake enough for first light,
Sketching out the skyline, dimming now the starlight
Leaving just the moon

So I tried to wake you,
whispered words in thin sleep, thinking you would see me
in this light more clearly, maybe even hear me,
When we tried to talk


And there’s a fire in my eyes but yours are so icy blue
Like a draft in an empty room
And I take deep breaths, and I close my eyes
And I try to quell the flames you’ve kindled inside me
‘Cause I am never angry the way you make me
Lord help me bite my tongue
And I cannot find safety in your arms, or in your words

And we fit our bodies into one bed
But I can not fit your breathing in my sleeping
And it hasn’t been a real thing, ‘cause I spend the night daydreaming
That I was alone


copywrite Lauren Foster