Written in March 2011

Try me, left foot forward, saw me lookin’ at the door but I’d be game
I’ll be hard to touch but, damn, baby, if you want it enough
I could be persuaded
Slow and subtle, hold back just a little and maybe…

CHORUS: Late night, feels right, only slightly tipsy and the daylights far away
Shot’s back, feel that hand and watch the band, they know how to play
Slow down, we have all night ‘til the day
Drop line, dance time, absolute-ly, nothin’ to say

Make me frustrated, hate it, baby, make me beg for more
Touch me, leave me, tease me right now you’re too easy to ignore
I could be your Eden… Adam held out, whoa-oh, baby I need you to taste me


A whole lot of fools, seems to me
Pretending there are rules, this game is much too easy
I’d be your fool baby if you would not be such a, a fool, a fool to me


copywrite Lauren Foster