Foster & the Flight

FOSTER AND THE FLIGHT was Lauren’s band based out of Denver, Colorado.  They played live all over the front range, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, but especially focusing on Lauren’s hometown of Boulder.  Though music is still a part of everyone’s life, we have spread across the globe, from Boston to Jackson Hole to Columbia, South America.

  • Foster and the Flight Foster and the Flight is a super fun live show whether you catch us in full-band mode, or 'out-on-the-street' with small, portable versions of our instruments. All graduates of Colorado College, we've been playing together in various iterations for years. For now, we're tearing up the Front Range from Fort Collins down to Colorado Springs so come check us out!
  • Ben Felson Ben Felson Ben Felson helps lays down the pocket with his unmistakable groove and tight rhythm. His background in world music adds tasteful and nuanced percussion to the group.
  • Brendan O'Donoghue Brendan O'Donoghue has been playing large stringed instruments since he was a wee 8 yrs and picked up the relatively enormous guitar. His fixation on suffering has led him to play double bass and cello in his fully grown state. A top call for live and studio work around the front range across a myriad of genres for his precise blues/funk style and insistence on both tastefulness and tastiness in all his lines.
  • Chris Kolodey Chris Kolodey Chris has spent the last years exploring the parallels between painting and music, and approaches both with an improvisors spirit. The space he occupies as an artist has been created from studying the masters - employing their techniques as well as embodying their fearless risk-taking attitudes. Bringing this approach to the piano (and every other instrument he can lay his hands on!) into an ensemble setting makes for a rhythm section unlike most!
  • Sophia Herscu Sophia Herscu At age six Sophia Herscu started putting on concerts, dance performances, and circus shows atop the backyard swingset- charging a quarter to each audience member. Since then she has found a lifelong pursuit of transposing emotions and experiences into interdisciplinary works that delight or inspire the senses. Having trained in classical voice, musical theater, and jazz, she is thrilled to be joining the vocal section of Foster and the Flight.
  • Hard at Work Hard at Work Chris and Lauren work through parts at a rehearsal in Denver, CO
  • Come see us LIVE! Come see us LIVE! Foster and the Flight is performing all over Colorado! Our next show is April 16th at Shine Bar, Restaurant, and Gathering Place.
  • Foster and the Flight Foster and the Flight Our happy, tired faces after we finished recording our EP Album, Rings on Trees.
  • Grooved Shoulder Grooved Shoulder The jazz/funk trio consisting of Brendan, Ben, and Chris describes themselves as: "Mix two parts funk, one part hip-hop, and a mint leaf. Pour over crushed ice and garnish with jazz. This is the recipe for the perfect ‘Grooved Shoulder’ according to the International Bartender’s Association."
  • The Courtship Proper The Courtship Proper This experimental electronica band includes Chris, Ben, and Sophia. They're around to demonstrate: "The Principles of Proper Courtship, Rhythm, Words, and Bass"



Band Bio:
Foster and the Flight is fronted by Lauren Foster, a homegrown Colorado singer-songwriter with a flair for capturing the feeling that’s been stuck on the thrum of your heartstrings for awhile. “Her songs and stage presence showcase her natural charm and soulful energy,” says Larry Hart of Riffs Acoustic Music. “Lauren is an accomplished player who can go from fast rhythm progressions, to catchy riffs, to emotional fingerstyle with ease, and has the vocals to match.” The Flight is Ben Felson (drums), Brendan O’Donoghue (bass), Chris Kolodey (keys), and Sophia Herscu (backing vocals).  These four accomplished Colorado musicians bring their own inspiration to support Foster’s genius, and add a fresh flavor to her already full sounds. Come let the Colorado Folk of Foster and the Flight lighten your evening!