Hold Me Closer


Written in February 2006

I’ve never seen this world so empty
What happened to my childish delight
I’ve never seen your eyes so distant
This apathy is eating me alive

CHORUS: All our thoughts are turning circles
All our dreams are crashing down
Hold me closer, hold me closer
I need someone to calm me down

I sometimes think that inspirations
Nothing more than worn out trills
I sometimes feel like me creations
Lack conviction
Lack my choice and will


Tell me what we’re living for
Show me why you care

I never thought I’d stop believing
I’ve never felt like I don’t care
Hold me closer, hold me closer
I need to know that you’re still there

It’s hard to fight this doubt with reason
In such a world what logic can there be
It’s hard to just accept our treason
This race is on its knees


copywrite Lauren Foster