I Would


Written in February 2013

Too far away from you so I am talkin’ to myself
The people here don’t know me well they think I’m someone else
There’s writing on the bathroom wall
I read it all
And I raised my glass to your health

Their words get tangled up by the way they want to seem
Too short a friend for honest ends and ordinary dreams
The show it felt ingenuine
A waste of time
And the sky broke at the seams

And I would walk, to see your face, one more time
And I would brave the chance that just a glance would turn you back to me
Yeah I would run, to see your eyes, and touch your smile
Oh, oh oh, I see your smile

The sun it rose up early but it did not raise my head
The confidence I had last night replaced by doubt instead
If you were here you’d laugh at fear
And throw me out of bed
I could forget the things I read

Don’t you think that we could make it without giving in to pride?
Perhaps a  middle ground before we choose to hide ourselves
I have lied to you, before my time


copywrite Lauren Foster