I’m Only Glancing


Written in October 2005

My fingers glide across the strings
Like a swan tracing ripples on a pond
My words echoing off the parting clouds
Can’t you see it?
The light is breaking through
And I can see I can feel
A beauty that is finally real

My mind is clear like a concert hall
Empty at the breaking of the day
The spark survived
The silence may it rise
Can’t you hear it?
Forgotten voice that sings
And I can see I can feel
This long forsaken ideal

And I am dancing
Won’t you take my hand
I’m only glancing
At a world that I will never understand

Your tears will fall like the rain
On a dry, dusty summer’s day
The rain it must persist
Can’t you feel it?
Spirit solacing
And as we fall we will fly
This world will never pass us by

copywrite Lauren Foster