It takes a plan


So I made the decision.  What was this actually going to take?  Everyone said it was a long road… but where did the road actually start?

I set some goals, here they are, transcribed exactly from my notebook when I set them:
OCTOBER 7TH –> Musical Goals
1. PERFORM in public once/week
*Open mics or gigs or at least 1 hour of busking
2. JAM with people at least once/week
*Sophie doesn’t count, Dylan doesn’t count
*Exchanging songs doesn’t count
3. Set up a GIG at least once/month
*Gig here defined as “formal invitation to perform in public”
4. RECORD a song once/every 2 weeks
     *Includes editing and finishing
5. Learn OR WRITE a new song once/2 weeks
*Exceptions include consistent work on a difficult song that takes longer than 2 weeks or
consistent PROGRESS on a new song (revisiting a dead end doesn’t count)

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