Jeremy and Sarah


Written in February 2010

The digital display is dark so I track the times your
chest presses tight against my back
And I don’t want to wake you up but it’s morning and the
shade glows as light slips through the cracks
So let me go
I’ll be so quiet that your dreams won’t even know
Restore the glow
Even nights begun in timelessness must end at morning light’s request

CHORUS: I can’t give you what you want
I can’t live up to your candid smile
And I can’t wake up to your face every morning if
Every morning I am begging for the sun to rise

Your hand behind my head, whisper softly that you
can’t keep on without me close
And I can’t turn away but I can’t meet your gaze my
breath catches tight within my throat
I’m miles away
So far from you I can’t begin to say
That every day
Your thoughts become a burden; love is not a word I can return and


And I don’t mind you holding me
At night it is so lonely…
Let’s try to make the clock stop
If it was this night only
If morning didn’t ever come
If you would stop reminding me that


copywrite Lauren Foster