Less is More

less is more

I’ve just finished reading an article entitled “The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown.  McKeown explores the idea that, like our closets, our lives get cluttered by too many activities, opportunities, and passions to really pursue anything to the fullest.  The article argues that to be “successful” you must find the intersection of your talent, passions, and the needs of the world:

The ideas resonated with me, as I’m constantly reaching out to a million possibilities right now.  I’ve “committed to music” and yet I find myself spreading out in numerous directions.  Spending time and energy debating about other opportunities and applying to jobs that, while possibly good moves for some career… might not help in this career.  It is a huge challenge to focus my energy on regularly playing or putting as much time into this music as I would into a job.  There has been some progress to this end though…

As we gear up to record, I’ve finally found myself putting the “work” time into my music.  Analyzing and writing out my songs so people can join in, arranging, practicing to a metronome, updating my website, and networking in an effort to start setting up more performances.

How my room looks after I have a day to myself… musical tools end up spread about the space rather haphazardly.

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