Making it All Happen


I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  I got so caught up actually making things happen in the music world.  Since my simple, few plans at the beginning of February the following things have happened:

FIRST: I invited the talented musicians who recorded my EP with me to be in a band that tries to play live often.  The name is Foster and the Flight.

We pack into Ben’s tiny studio apartment for rehearsals


SECOND: I’ve started getting better at booking gigs.  Persistence is a super important factor but I’ve learned some other helpful things about the process:

Our poster for our debut performances on the 24th and 25th of March in Boulder and Fort Collins

Some helpful things I have found for setting up gigs:

  1. Look as professional as possible online.  This includes setting up online material (website, reverbnation, soundcloud, youtube, facebook).  Next linking all your online things so that they are one giant team, instead of a bunch of individual tiny entities.  The things you need to set this up:
    a) Smart talented friends who are internet savvy, willing to take nice      pictures of you, come to your shows, make posters, etc.  Usual this requires more than one helpful companion.  Thank them excessively with nice scotch, beer, or at least heartfelt thank-you’s.
    b) A few professional-sounding tracks, or as close as you can get
    c) A few nice looking photos
    d) At least one nice video to show your performance style
  2. Write a bio like the ones you read about actors when you go to the theater (i.e. the things your obsessive, prone to exaggeration fans would say about you.  Be honest, but be honest about how you are at your VERY best).  I got a couple of friends to write down some ideas for bios and then pieced them together myself.
  3. Try to get a legitimate music person to write a ‘quote’ about you.  Mine was Larry Hart, the owner of Riff’s Acoustic Music in Park City.  He has seen me play quite a bit, books live shows, and owns a guitar store.  Not a lucky connection… I met him by spending a lot of time in his store, falling in love with a guitar there, and talking often with him.  Here’s the quote he sent me:“Lauren Foster is a wonderful singer/songwriter who I love to play at our venue.  Her songs and stage presence showcase her natural charm and soulful energy.  Lauren is an accomplished acoustic player and can go from fast rhythm progressions, to catchy riffs, to emotional fingerstyle with ease, and has the vocals to match.  She can cover many songs, but she shines the brightest voicing her own lyrics.  Her approach to performing can be playful or serious and will always be highly professional.”
  4. Pick specific dates.  Look at their calendar and find a date that is available and then suggest it in the e-mail.  It is easier for the person booking and shows that you have paid attention to their website and that you are organized.
  5. Use any possible connection.  Names, places you’re going to play at, want to play at.  Throw in a picture or two.  Include easy links to music, websites, videos.  Etc.  Make it as easy as possible for the person booking to find you.


So it’s lots of business stuff, lots of marketing but it feels like we’re finally going somewhere!  DEBUT PERFORMANCE TOMORROW!

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