Mirror Boy


February 2011

Asked him to play all day but he is tired
Asked him to marry rich but he can’t find her
I watched you hold your head and lie there
You are alone your world can’t watch you fail

Felt like the storm was formed in your own house
Father so calm it’s all your fault now
I am enough, you said, to stand tall
You are enough I knew, and you doubt me

CHORUS: And woah-oh-oh the race is
One more test you aced and
Placed the best and
Don’t you, don’t you, don’t you go frownin’ at the mirror boy
And woah-oh-oh they will ask you to be, tell you to be, won’t you listen to me?
Don’t frown at the mirror boy

It was your flag they flew in our front yard
It was your words they used for their trump card
But it was your smile that held me in awe
You want to hide it… I’m not there

So run ‘til the rage you’ve caged has been let out
Open your mouth and scream your heart out
Lie in my arms until your tears halt
And breathe at the end your heart will feel safety


copywrite Lauren Foster