Paper Houses


At the beginning of September I sat down with my guitar to write after an emotional event.  I found myself unable to find any music.  Instead I lay my guitar down and wrote my first slam poem.  A close friend challenged me to continue in the spoken word genre, but keep my guitar in the picture.  That’s how Paper Houses came about.  Written in October 2012

True orange, she said, doesn’t rhyme with anything
Time spent under it makes people break
Takes away their ability to feel empathy
Real emotion dissipates

And I ran into you the other day
Paying more than you could
Playing with feelings the way we used to play with fire
The desire to lose control but we’re to tired for the consequences
So we keep it cool, and pretend to ourselves,
That we’re still following the rules

CHORUS: White skies, paper houses in the rain
White skies, paper houses in the rain

She has such a pretty smile
Teeth so white it’s like she can’t be lying when she says she wants this
And I’m trying to find the difference between you and how it used to be
But I’m finding the attempt futile

Because maybe loving is like learning to throw and it takes practice
Before you know when to go for it and when to hold back
So tack on another experience to my list of hard learned lessons, impulsive confessions, I spoke too soon
With you, the pretty smile, let’s go slow


The leaves choose to fall in this season and I wonder if it hurts
But they melt into the ground, colors fade soundlessly, and
I think I could plant a garden in this new dirt.

copywrite Lauren Foster