Red Tree


In the fall of 2007 I moved to Marlboro, Vermont from Colorado.  I had never seen colors like a New England fall.  One morning in October I woke up early and sat outside, watching the sunrise over the mountains, and wrote this song.

The sunlight sparkles on the dew dropped leaves
The world is new but I am spinning
I reach for faces they were there before
The sky forgets them as the leaves are falling down

CHORUS: Now the red tree is blooming
The wind makes patterns.  Can you hear the sound?
I remember that you’re beautiful
But the colors are brightest just before they hit the ground

A friend once told me that all will fade
There are no memories that hold a special place
I won’t believe him, no, my love was true
Hold out my branches but the leaves still fall right through


So hold on
The winter’s chill won’t tarry for long
And stand strong
The spring is given to those who carry on

copywrite Lauren Foster