Shooting Stars


Written in August 2011

A couple of beers and an old sheet of construction paper
Sittin’ on the porch I came to realize I spent too long without the fresh air
‘Cause I was waitin’ for the world to revive when the pain subsides
But it doesn’t.  And the world went on behind my closed eyes

Now leave it all behind, let’s take a trip, we’ll go cross country
The bankers and the law firms and schools… I don’t care if they forgive me
‘Cause if I was countin’ out the seconds of productive time
Then last night was a gold mine, watchin’ the sun go down and paint the sky

CHORUS: Hold on, it ain’t the end yet
You have words left with people you haven’t met yet
And I’ve seen shooting stars in the city lights
You gotta look at the sky just right

Run my hands through the grooves of this antique table
I wonder what my grandmother knew, and how she was so able
To hold her own in a man’s world, keep her flag unfurled
She wasn’t perfect, but the world needs more of what she gave then what I take


My memory’s clear of that night, the car was left to idle
She kissed my hand, the front side; her look went deeper than my eyeballs
I was so angry that our love was never in the rulebook
Still my heart shook, every time she dared to hold my hand


copywrite Lauren Foster