Stand In The Fire


Written in August 2009

Repeat rhymes and standard lines of empty minds
Will not hold on me
They say love is lost, the pain the cost, these words they rust
And I will not be fooled
Because the touch we need so much is not the lover’s heady rush
It’s only us

CHORUS: And whoever they want you to be
Well, I’m not waiting
Whatever they wanted to see
I will just be me
And if you feel trapped by endless obligations
Hold on, hold on to what you believe
It will set you free

Find the time to watch the tide, the waters lift, the wind will rise
You can almost hear it
And in the bend where you began to feel the woods reach out your hand
She will come and take it
Because this world we’re bound to leave will lift you up will make you free
Will let you go

BRIDGE: This is so beautiful, don’t let me go
I don’t want my heart to break but the stars are comin’ so close
Why don’t you stand in the fire and don’t shrink back
Hold on a little tighter the world is only asking you to
Stand up as who you are and don’t look back
This is your only task


copywrite Lauren Foster