Surrounded by Talented People


Last night I drove down to Denver.  So exhausted from four late nights of work in a row, I would have tried to bail on almost anything else.  Tonight though, I was meeting with a few people to play in a band for a few legitimate recordings.  I was energized within a short time of being there.  Meet the group:

Ben Felson: Ben is an incredible drummer/percussionist who plays for quite a few bands in the Denver/Boulder area.

Chris Kolodey: Chris is not only an incredible keys player, but a musician who can pick up any instrument and make it sound great within a couple of minutes.  He’s adding some organ, some piano, and some keyboard to the pieces we’re recording.
 Brendan O’Donoghue is… well… probably a super hero (picture provided by Chris)
With his four arms he is managing to play both stand-up bass and cello in these recordings… at times simultaneously.  He plays often in the Colorado Springs/Denver area and is an incredible jazz musician.
 Sophia Herscu: a woman of many talents, Sophia is currently pursuing a professional degree in ariel dance.  Her history of musical theater and singing in bands throughout her life make her quick to come up with beautiful harmonies.  We have the opportunity to play together often in our treehouse apartment.
 Having four incredibly talented musicians to work with is a privilege indeed.  The amount of talent that’s at your fingertips when putting music together and writing is exponentially increased.  The first rehearsal was a huge success.  If we can book the studio time we’ll have three tracks recorded before Christmas.  I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve come up with!

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