Tug of the Tides


Written in October 2011 when I fell in love with the Oregon coast.  If there is any place I could love as much as the Southwest, it is the big trees, log studded beaches, and stark rock outcroppings of Oregon.

The subtle voices that tell my story
They have taken me away
From the places where I learned and loved
The places where I learn to stay
The foreign forest and these untamed waters
They may hold my heart today
But tomorrow finds me all alone
And my mind returns to the people I have known

CHORUS: In a place where mushrooms teach me stories
And someone proved that selflessness is real
And there are so many years but I just got here
And buried my roots in the sand
Where they follow the tug of the Oregon tide
I feel the moon in the back of my mind

Perhaps a sadness that is buried deeply
Can be healed by the light
In a child’s awe-struck eyes you can see the strength
You’ve learned to hide
And out in the ocean there lifts a castle
It was wrought of salted years
What a wonder to watch the morning
Break the mist, and paint it here


One man came here, he was dry and weathered,
Ready for the rain
I know some of where he comes from
Without knowing where he began
He touched my soul first, my body was too scared
To ignite that flame
I cannot find the words to say
Thank you for the friend I made


And buried my roots in the sand
Under moss that is deep in a forest so wide
And the huckleberries free if you know where they hide
So I’ll follow the tug of the Oregon tide
And feel the moon, well it’s forever in the back of my mind

copywrite Lauren Foster