Written in December 2011

Just weigh the anchor there is no way to be ready
Worlds are waiting for you to reach their shores
Many tell you of the paths they took to get there
Their words are wasted for you cannot use their doors

Many days at sea and I am still unsteady
Even small waves pitch this great weight side to side
But there are mornings when the sun’s on the horizon
And I begin to feel the changing of the tides

CHORUS: So hey-oh, pick yourself back up!
When the world it weighs too much
You are enough, we are enough
And dig deep, your roots cannot be pulled free
The stars are there to guide thee
They are not comin’ down
To make fires on the ground

You’re walking quickly ‘cause these streets are unfamiliar
Turning corners though you do not know their names
As though decisiveness protects you from their judgments
As though they’re watching you as if they weren’t the same


BRIDGE: But this is mornings when the sun can’t raise you up
This is rainy days, it doesn’t matter anyway
There are shadows in the room, blue faces talkin’ to you
Drawing curtains cross the moon

So put this water to your lips I see them tremble
Whether fear or health betrayed you I don’t know
It seems the sky has brought its vertigo to earth now
But you don’t have to take the offer it lays down


copywrite Lauren Foster